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Terminology for recognition of common electric wheel tyres
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The rim is the part of the wheel that fixes the tire, and the hub is the rotating component that connects the wheel and the axle to bear the load between the tire and the axle. The spoke is the part that supports the rim and hub. If made of aluminium alloy, it is called aluminium alloy rim and hub. After continuous improvement, under the condition of modern industrial technology, hub has become a complete functional component. It bears the functions of load bearing, power transmission, tire heat dissipation and so on. As a rotating moving part, the hub must meet the requirements of light weight, fatigue resistance and dynamic balance under the premise of certain stiffness.

The section width of a tire refers to the area where the tire is connected to the ground, that is, the section width of the tire where there are patterns.

PR stands for the tire grade, especially the strength unit of the tire. The more layers, the thicker. The more durable.

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